Minimalist Kitchen

Minimalist Kitchen Remodel

If you’ve got a kitchen-diner and you’re planning to redecorate, you might want to go for a minimalism theme throughout.

This is a great idea if you’ve only got limited space, as you don’t want the work surfaces or spaces around the room to look too cluttered at any point. You’re bound to want some dining furniture in the room for entertaining guests, but you could perhaps have some foldaway chairs and a table that can be stashed away from the room, so it doesn’t infringe on the space.

Minimalist Furniture

Extending dining tables can be a great space saver and allow you to be flexible when you do need more space for bigger parties.

Basically, you’re aiming for there to be as little as possible in the room – aside from tucked away from prying eyes in kitchen cabinets and little nooks and crannies. That means you won’t need a coffee table to put your plants on, just a spattering of essential kitchen appliances, such as a kettle and toaster on the side. When it comes to choosing the colour scheme, simplicity is the key.

Minimalist Color Scheme

Minimalist Kitchen

Perhaps go for white and grey, or you might want to consider black and chrome. Either way, you want the colours to be sharp and sleek. You also want to make sure they don’t feel too overpowering in the space if you’re going for minimalism, which is why it’s so important to choose neutral hues.

Numerous kitchen cabinets are useful if you’re trying to achieve this look, as you want to store away all your non-essential items, be it a food processor or baking trays, so they’re not on show in the room.

To keep the clean lines going throughout the space, put your fridge-freezer in a cupboard too, that way it’ll be indistinguishable from everything else in the room. If you don’t want your place to look to cold, a few plants will help make your kitchen look more inviting.

You don’t have to clutter the surfaces though – hanging plants look great and won’t be in the way.

Minimalism is never going to go out of fashion, so if you want to transform your kitchen-diner soon, that’s definitely the way forward.