Basic Treehouse Plans

Basic TreeHouse Plans

One of the factors that you need to consider when build a treehouse is the approximate cost you are going to spend with the tree house plans that you choose. If the option you choose can break your bank, then it’s okay to stick with the simple design. After all, it is just an extension to your home where your kids can have “privacy”. Unless you are planning to relocate on a much higher ground, then that’s the time you need a bigger plan with a better tree house idea.

Free things around the internet are quite handy. Truth be told, Internet makes our life bearable. One of the things that you can get free from the Internet are treehouse plans. A few just provide a mere layout and design while some are a complete package, from concept down to helpful tips and guidelines.

However, if you are real expert to this field, you may want to create your own design and impress other people. Through this, you have all the flexibility and ask your kids what they want to have and incorporate.

Treehouse PlansTreeHouse Plans Examples

A few of the tree house plans examples are mentioned below. Feel free to adapt or combine them altogether.

• Plain treehouse – it is a small treehouse but is spacious in the inside. Mostly it is circle shaped with an easy and safe ladder spiralling on the trunk the tree.

• Treehouse with swing set and a slide – as the name suggests, the treehouse comes with a slide and a swing set along with a chair for massage either made of extra wood or unused car tire.

• Treehouse tower – great for kids who have wild imaginations. It gives them a fantasy-like sense. You can put a few add-ons like sprucing the inside with magical stuffs and all other.

• Two-storey treehouse – quite expensive and sophisticated, but you can lessen your expenses by not focusing on the outside appearance but rather the safety and capability of the treehouse to handle heavier objects.

TreeHouse Plans and Ideas

Those above-mentioned treehouse plans are just a few of the hundreds ideas out there. It all depends on your budget range and how far are you going to extend your pocket for any unexpected adjustments and future concerns.

You can save some money from the materials if you know where to get them. If you have a few materials left in your farm or garage, then utilize it. Tools may also have the tendency to slash a huge portion in your budget, but you can always opt for rentals instead of buying a new one. You don’t need to buy everything actually.

Whatever treehouse plans you are going to use, just make sure it fits perfectly to your tree. You may find this easy to handle as there are tree house kits available in stores today. These kits mostly fit to any kind of tree you’re dealing with. Nonetheless, if you want to ensure and get the most out of your money, then try getting the specs of your tree first and seek the help of an expert. It always pays to check!