Build your own Treehouse

Treehouse plans are necessary in case you want to build a treehouse for your kids. Here you can attach your creativity and make your own tree house design. But in case you can’t think of any idea, you can find a lot of tree house ideas which are readily accessible over the internet.

Basically, there are no strict rules when you plan. Yet there are general principles that you need to follow in order to avoid future issues.


Before you begin your plan, it is important that you ask permission from your local authorities and check if there are any restrictions or certain limitations on building tree houses. This is to ensure the safety of the future dwellers.

If the purpose of your tree house is only for your kid’s enjoyment and you do not have any intention to relocate then it is not likely you need a planning approval.

Build a Treehouse


The first stage of your tree house planning is to find the right tree in which you are going to build a treehouse. See to it if they are strong enough to carry all the weight and that they don’t rot easily. If possible, select a healthy and mature tree. In case you are confused or you don’t have any clue what to pick, consult an arborist.


There are hundreds of tree house designs over the internet. Some are free to download while most of them requires you to pay for it. Whatever tree house design you are going to use, ensure that it can be adjusted well to your chosen tree.

The design should not be too big for the tree to carry. You must not also make too much trimming and pruning as this will eventually kill the tree.


It is good to have your treehouse plan laid out in a paper. This way, you can work smoothly and easily because you have a definite plan to follow. Moreover, you can also assess the materials you need as well as the tools that you are likely to use.

Here you are able to adjust the expenses in case you are short of your budget. Some ways to lessen the expenses is through utilizing materials you already have as well as opting for tool rentals instead of buying a brand new one.


The platform of your tree house is one the most important element that you need to closely established. It is considered as the foundation of your tree house and therefore it needs to be secure. You may use one or more branches of the tree to support this. It must also be supported with artificial diagonal braces as an added strength.


You can quickly finish your project with the help of tree house kits. They make tree house building a lot easier since such kits consist pre-made materials ready to be attached to the house. Some are a complete package while some contain limited materials only.

It is therefore wise to know what the kits comprise of and if they fit to any treehouse plans before actually buying them.