Diy Decor For Your Mirror

People are tired of hearing how bad the economy is and how bad financially Americans are becoming. Instead of swimming in the sea of despair, there are ways to keep your life going and to keep your surroundings bright even if your wallets begin to empty by starting at the beginning.

Where else other than your home? Brightening your home, the simplest of measures in reorganizing your life and turning dull into dazzling is by using what you already have.

Diy Decor For Your Mirror

Decorating mirrors that you likely have too much of or even a few mirrors can change the spaciousness of the rooms they occupy. It can be done through finding out the theme of said room, figuring out the colors to create the theme or continuing alongside the theme already there, and using quick cheap measures to follow through with your clever planning.

Since this is only about decorating mirrors, the theme of the room is not something that will be discussed in depth. But the theme of the room is important. The theme of a room consists of a mood and thought. Imagine that the theme of a restaurant.

If it serves seafood, usually they use blues, oranges, and light yellows with waves of water painted on the walls with ocean being a main idea. Or, imagine an Australian themed restaurant, the rooms have dark woods and use light to dark browns to put emphasis on the gritty nature of the theme. All themes can be something already created or it can be something original.

As long as there is consistency in its creation the theme will be understood. Whether the viewers will know what the theme is, though, is an entirely different question. Let us pretend that theme is mahogany and warmth. The idea is to make a lush environment for any who visit.

There you go! We’ve finished the first step. The easiest but still most crucial one. Colors are important because even though the theme is an idea the colors of the theme are tangible parts of the theme.

Mirror Decorating Themes

The theme cannot be realized with only colorless shapes or carvings unless, of course, the theme is blankness which is acceptable but not the usual. Using colors alone is not the only important part of decorating a mirror.

Do you want to use strips of cloth in a Victorian-style fashion if they are used at all? Do you wish to have the mirror actually be used as a mirror or is it primarily only going to be used as decoration? How do you feel about breaking your mirrors to create a new one?

Sacrifices will be made in order to stay on a budget. The list of things that you can do is endless but they start on the mirror itself. The frame, the color of the frame, and the decorations around the mirror are separate yet necessary pieces of change in renewing the mirror’s appearance. Since our theme is mahogany and warmth, we will begin with the wide range of fiery oranges, browns, and even wood paints.

Decorating Framed Mirrors

The mirror could have a framework of real wood. Outside, the multitude of sturdy tree pieces found in the nearest park with crafting wood glue used to piece them together will keep the theme. West Elm tree branches are one of the several that would work in this case. Bend the branches into 1” to 1 ½” pieces. The next step would be layering.

Have them layered in two or three layers to appear like a weaving basket or a miniaturized version of a blockade made of logs. If you want the branches colored(a.ka. stained), there are also natural uses such as bright colored vegetables if you want them bright, but in this case I would boil some dark bark chip or walnuts with 5 cups of water until the water has gotten to the last ½ cup.

Strain the mixture and let it cool. Once cooled it can be used to paint on the branches or, if the mixture is deep enough, it can be soaked directly in it.

Voila! Most of the work is done. You can do this to several mirrors of all sizes and this one was done in under twenty dollars. The mirror doesn’t have to be decorated with organic materials in order to be cheap. But using what nature has already given us is a sure way to stay on budget.

It will take planning and a few hours of free time, but in the end a redone home made from your own thoughts and feelings is always nice.

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